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20 Budget Friendly Shopping Apps and Sites

Here’s 20 of the best shopping apps and websites:

Apples2Oranges – Shopping App #1

Apples2Oranges provides nutritional and price comparison and conversion. Compare prices in terms of cost/unit to see where the bargains really are.


Ben’s Bargains – Shopping App #2

Ben’s Bargains has a team that goes bargain hunting to get the best online deals. It scours the web for the hottest deals and lowest prices and publishes them. Ben’s Bargains tracks several thousand retailers and posts the best 100-200 deals each day. Sign up at Ben’s Bargains to get alerts on the best deals based on category, brand, and price so you never miss out on a great deal.

Brad’s Deals – Shopping App #3

Brad’s Deals has been around since 2001. Each deal advertised is actually handpicked by a real human being. Its goal is to help shoppers find the best deals out there. There are different categories, ranging from apparel, automotive parts, office supplies, electronics, to sports equipment (and many more). The site looks inviting and easy to navigate.


Card Cash and Gift Card Granny – Shopping App #4 & 5

At CardCash and Gift Card Granny, shoppers can find gift cards from many merchants selling at up to 35-40% discount. If you have a gift card you don’t want, you can sell it at these sites instead not using it at all or forgetting about it altogether. If you’re really savvy, get a $100 gift card at a 10% discount and while shopping, find coupon codes from a place like for extra savings.

Checkout51 – Shopping App #6

Checkout51 is a grocery and household goods rebate app that allows you to get refunds for purchasing items. If there’s a $1 cash back offer for purchasing eggs, a shopper can purchase eggs and upload a photo of the receipt to get the cash back. It’s that simple.


Coupon Sherpa – Shopping App #7

Coupon Sherpa brings coupons to your phone or desktop. You can get store/restaurant or product specific coupons. You can also set up the app to track your favorite stores and their latest coupons so you know what the latest and greatest savings are.

DealNews – Shopping App #8

DealNews has a team of bargain hunters who search thousands of online retailers to find the best days and post at its own site. Hundreds of new deals are discovered everyday. You can sign up to receive emails that feature all their best daily deals. – Shipping App #9 offers free shipping coupons for thousands of merchants, including some big names like Target and Lands’ End. Depending on what you buy, it could be $5-15 of savings in shipping costs.

Google Shopping – Shopping App #10

Google Shopping also lets you compare prices across websites. It’s similar to Pricegrabber.


Grocery Pal – Shopping App #11

Grocery Pal points you to weekly deals at local supermarkets and discount stores like Albertsons, CVS, Dollar General, RiteAid, Safeway, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and many more.

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Ibotta – Shopping App #12

Ibotta is an app that allows you to get rebates on items purchased. Let’s say you guy a 12 pack of Bud Light. You were thirsty and you had no coupons and there were no sales. Well, if a rebate on Bud Light were available through Ibotta, you can get money back by scanning the UPC code and once you have enough points earned for a brand or retailer, you can redeem the points for cash.

Just 4 Your (Safeway) – Shopping App #13

Just 4 You (Safeway) provides custom deals (things that you’ve purchased in the past or likely to buy), store specials, and coupons. What I like best about the Safeway program is that you can qualify for points that go toward lowering gas prices if you use one of their stations or at Chevron. For every 100 points, you get a 10c discount if you pump gas at one of their own stations. One time, I had 1000 points and I got $1 off per gallon! At Chevron and Texaco stations, you can get up to 20c off per gallon.

Key Ring – Shopping App #14

Key Ring puts all your loyalty cards on your phone, so they’re there in one place and you don’t have to store all of them in your wallet. The loyalty cards can be scanned when you purchase an item, and earns you points immediately. – Shopping App #15 features great deals and coupon codes (ones that actually work!) to get discounts. Over 600 stores are advertised there. On the day I searched, there was a Samsung 55’ LED smart TV for $750, which is over 50% off.

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PriceGrabber – Shopping App #16

PriceGrabber is one of the original Internet shopping sites as it’s been around since the late 1990s. Just type in any product name and you’ll pricing comparison at different sites.


Promotional Codes – Shopping App #17

PromotionalCodes is the similar to retailmenot. There are some exclusive codes that are available only here. You can sign up to get promo codes sent directly to your email in box.

Retailmenot – Shopping App #18

Retailmenot offers coupon codes for online shopping, offering over 500,000+ coupons from over 50,000 stores. Like its name suggests, the site is all about not paying full retail price by using discount codes that retailers have made available to entice shoppers to buy. It also has added advertisements for specials from different retailers. Its app can also send you alerts with news of deals from local retailers.



SnipSnap – Shopping App #19

SnipSnap makes cutting coupons an outdated 20th century concept. With SnipSnap, you just take a picture of a coupon with your phone. The app captures the image and turns it into a coupon or coupon code that can be scanned or used at a store’s check stand. SnipSnap also helps you organize coupons based on the store. SnipSnap also reminds you when a coupon is about to expire.

Walmart’s Savings Catcher – Shopping App #20

Walmart’s Savings Catcher is a simple to use app that scans the barcode on your receipt. The app then compares prices of items purchased to stores within a certain radius where the Walmart you shopped. If there’s a price difference between the Walmart price and the advertised price at another nearby store, Walmart will credit you with the difference.

Yowza – Shopping App #21 

Yowza – With this app, shoppers can get mobile coupons and deals based on geography. At the time of checkout, just show the cashier the barcode from the coupon to cash in on your savings! It’s easy to use and accepted by many stores.

OK… I gave your 21 shopping apps and sites, not 20 as the title suggests, but I didn’t think you’d complain.

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